Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TDI Limited - possible scam

A friend of mine was contacted by someone claiming to be from a company called TDI Limited. The job involves: "Transferring payments straight from customers to our free-lancers by means of international money transfer systems"

It seems like a scam to me. I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone else hits this page looking for similar info.

Please leave a comment if you are getting something similar.

UPDATE: So, this is a scam. It is called a payment processing scam. See here for more details: http://www.delphifaq.com/faq/scams/f1057.shtml

Basically, they will have you set up a bank account, make a fraudulent transfer to your account, then ask you to make transfers out. After a couple days the bank will notice the first fraudulent transfer and go after you for the money. Also, I don't know what the definition of money laundering is, but this seems close.

Furthermore, if you look up the registration information of their website here:
You will see they only registered the website on June 26, 2011. So, this big international company has only had a web site for 2 weeks.

Stay away from this scam.


anonymous said...

I got a job offer from the same company. I signed a contract aggreement and they requested a bank routing, so I decide to do more research.Did your friend take the job? what is the update

DM said...

This is a payment processing scam. Please be careful.

spelofs said...

I received a similar email - letting me know about this 'opportunity'. They were very reluctant about giving me their website information in the first place & didn't want to answer any specific information about the company. This sounds like money laundering, and also sounds like a total scam to ruin your personal banking.

Warren said...
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Warren said...

I too was just contacted by these morons last week. Somehow they were able to disguise this opportunity through career builder.com so it seems legit.
Once they started requesting my banking info, and also providing no contact info or website you don't have to be genius to know that this is scam. Be aware of these scams they are getting harder to detect.
I was contacted by Lisa Portman her email hr.department@tdimailnet.com
I hope these comments that we leave prevent people from being scammed for the near future

watch out said...

I've also received e-mail from someone name Lisa Portmann, she requested my bank info.
it's definately a "scam"...watch out