Friday, May 9, 2008

Review: Enjoy Barcelona apartment: "The Amparo"

A couple weeks ago, we went to Spain on vacation. For the first week we rented "The Amparo" apartment from Enjoy Barcelona in the Barceloneta section of the city.

The week in Barcelona was a lot of fun, but our apartment was not what we thought it would be. The website lists the apartment with 3 stars - I think that is way too generous. Also, the pictures on their web site are a bit misleading.

The apartment was dirty, smelled of sewer gases and was quite a bit run down. The toilet top was broken. The bathroom sink and shower were very slow to drain. Floor tiles were popping up in the kitchen. The kitchen was not properly stocked with pots and pans. There were cigarette ashes in the silverware drawer. The sheets were clean, but the blankets smelled. In one room the curtains had fallen off the window and were shoved behind the door.

It was basically the same level of accommodation as a one star hotel or a hostel, maybe a little worse.

I think this apartment was overpriced for the condition it was in. It is quite unfortunate because the apartment is in a great location, and with a little work the place could be great.

I would not stay in this apartment again, and I don't think I would use Enjoy Barcelona again. Their employees were friendly, but I think they are misrepresenting this apartment.

One good thing that came out of the apartment was that every place we stayed in afterward seemed like luxury. ("These blankets don't smell like body odor! Wow, how fancy!")