Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WCF blank page - some fixes

I was having a bit of trouble getting my WCF service to behave nicely. Specifically, I kept getting a blank page instead of the friendly WCF service page when I used a browser to hit the service. I stumbled on a couple things.

1. The URL you are using in your browser has to end with a slash, for example http://servername:8080/TestService/ will result in a WCF service page. If you forget the slash at the end, you get a blank page.

2. In the config file, base addresses and relative addresses in the endpoint do not seem to play nicely. I had to put the full URL (with a slash at the end) in the base address and leave the endpoint address blank (address="").

I must be missing something. Configuration files should not be this finicky.

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