Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Web design links for the design challenged

One thing I am tremendously bad at is making a web site look nice. I recently found some great resources that I think are very useful.

Open Source Web Design
This is a big collection of open source site designs. You can use a design as-is, or just browse the designs for ideas.

This is a CSS framework to give your CSS development a jump start. They have a grid thing which is a little strange, but you can do cool things with it. Here is a sample page.
The thing that I don't like about the grid is that the layout starts invading your HTML file. I like the idea of separating design an content using CSS and this feels like a little step backwards.

Reset CSS file
This is a CSS file that resets all the basic style settings. When you use this as a starting point for your CSS it will hopefully eliminate annoying differences among browsers. (This is how I found Blueprint, which uses the Reset CSS script.)

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